Grass Fed Beef, Grass Finished, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Fooling


Grass fed, tasty, tender beef, free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics is the cleanest meat available anywhere.

Here is some information for those who are shopping around for “grass fed” beef. The first thing you should know is that ALL beef is grass fed. The difference in quality grass fed beef is HOW they are raised. So, here are a few questions you should ask. How old is the cattle that they are selling? How long have the calves been on the mother (milk fed)? How long have the sale animals been on pasture (total time)? Are the sale animals up to date on all inoculations?  

We believe to have high quality “grass fed” beef they must be at least two years old and on pasture for all of that time. To have strong healthy calves they should be “on the mother” until mama says “enough”.  Animals for sale should be on pasture up to sale day and not set aside in any kind of feed lot whether they are fed grain or silage product. Finally if they are giving ANY shots for diseases or fortification they are introducing chemicals even if they do not use hormones. Now, without giving yourself away, take those answers, consider the information and pick the beef that you think is more to your liking. We think you will pick OFANNIN AGRICULTURE grass fed beef every time. OFannin Agriculture only raises beef the old fashioned way;  grass fed, tasty and tender, free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, the cleanest meat  available anywhere. Pasture raised and aged, not feedlot fattened, wild beef has 12% total fat. Our special breed program produces the finest source of protein your money can buy. 

For a real treat come and visit us. Stay at the Ranch House or Camp Out under the stars to enjoy our “little slice of heaven” and see the cattle for yourself. You and your family will enjoy everything to do around here even if you do nothing at all. (But there are enough activities around here to keep you and yours as busy as you choose!)