stay cation, celebration
stay cation, celebration, destination

FAMILY In the hurly burly of everyday life, with work schedules not matching school breaks families can’t always make big plans. Welcome to the new standard of the “stay-cation”. The short and sweet getaway for the whole family or just you.

COMFORT Relax in this quiet ranch house, read a book, go for a walk or just hang out. A great way to escape for a few days at a time, several times a year. PASTORAL Enjoy the changing seasons and the activities that accompany the time of the year.

COMMUNITY Share in the local events or search for distant pursuits. Enjoy rodeos search for artifacts or  that unique item in little shops throughout the area. 

FRIENDS Call the gang and just have a little fun. Paint your nails, do your hair “dish” on the ones who didn’t make it. Laugh, giggle, be silly, be there. Share with those you don’t get to spend enough time with.

SHARE Reminisce of the times past, the dreams envisioned, the opportunities and, maybe even, the disappointments. Make plans for tomorrow, next week or the next time that you will all get away once more.

ENJOY Sit quietly with a book, take a walk down a country lane or just “kick back”. Share a meal you all helped prepare, and relax. Enjoy the trip home, recharged and refreshed. We take care of the chores.

ORCHESTRATE Give mom (or anyone else) a break! Have your next Mothers Day, birthday, holiday, family get together or any other celebration at the ol’ Ofannin Ranch House. Think of it. Arrive early, maybe even the night before, to get everything ready. Take your time and relax because no one will walk in and spoil the surprise or, worse yet, mess up your hard work.

CELEBRATE When family and friends arrive the celebration begins. Enjoy the festivities with everyone else comforted in the knowledge that you won’t spend the whole next day cleaning. You need only do a light cleaning, and spruce up a bit, before your relaxing trip home.

We do the heavy cleaning. Cool huh!

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