Our country home, you will find, is a comfortable and enjoyable destination. Relax on the front porch, in front of the fireplace or lay in a grassy meadow. The peace and quiet here seems to stimulate the need to relax. You may bring along the “critters” take them for a walk or saddle up and ride the pleasant country surrounds. We do not charge for pets kept outdoors (clean-up required) but may charge for any kept indoors. This is a “getaway” so we purposely do not supply the latest cable and such. Settle in with the family to play a variety of games, together. Those who cannot live with out electronic gadgets must bring their own. Our wi-fi will get you connected. Look for a calendar of events that are close by. There seems to be something going on every week. When you’re through hiking, riding, exploring or whatever is your pleasure, bring the family in for a home cooked meal, order food for pick-up or dine out. Catering for special occasions is also available. We will be adding links to food establishments that you may visit or order from. Remember our motto...if you can’t find it here, you really don’t need it anyway!   

O’Fannin Country

“Snowbird” Roost, winter visitor destination

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country guest house
home away from home
farm stay
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so much beauty, so little time

Texas Gothic

Your home away from home