Our camp experience, we hope, will be the most unique with all the elements included.

The air-deck is a suspended deck that critters can wander beneath without disturbing you or them. Camp grill and cooler provided.

PawPaws pick-up is grand-dads old truck repurposed to a comfortable camp facility. Providing covered outside with secure inside comfort and a combo grill  under the hood.

Charles Goodnight, as history buffs may know, is the namesake for the “chuck” wagon. Our adaptation provides covered sleep in the wagon plus a fly for additional campers. Included is the “chuck” box and fire ring to recreate the cattle drive feel.


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RV enthusiasts are welcome to stop by. Pick your locale and make yourself comfortable. We can provide a dump service for extended stays

The horsey set can trailer or ride in and stay with us for a spell. Tie out is free with your campsite. You may choose to put up your “critter” in a paddock for peace of mind. In either case you provide the feed.

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Fernado Llama, standing herd gaurd