We present the current pricing of our tasty and tender, Texas wild beef. All choices have a mixed selection of cuts.


Grass fed, tasty and tender beef, free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics is the cleanest meat  available anywhere. Pasture raised and aged, not feedlot fattened, wild beef has 12% total fat. Our special breed program produces the finest source of protein your money can buy.

Our PORTER~OFANNIN FARM is not intended to be able to sell product cheaper than a big box retailer. The intent is to provide peace of mind and a safe and suitable food source for your family to enjoy. We at Porter-Ofannin do our best to provide a quality service at the best price possible. The prices that we post will be less a reflection of current market prices and more related to our operating costs. All shares are sold as a portion of the whole. The livestock package requires a certain number of participants to be activated. Initial deposits are applied to the total for shares purchased. All deposits are for a minimum of 90 days and non-refundable except as noted here. Should your provisional purchase not be accepted due to lack of participation your deposit will be refunded or applied to the next lot.(your choice) All sales are made through PayPAL for your protection and security. Share size (weight) may vary with conditions. * PLEASE E-MAIL QUESTIONS TO LIFESTYLES@OFANNIN.COM

All money paid shoud be considered non-refundable. Your deposit or full pay is held until all shares are sold and then the “critter” is sent to processing. This insures that you are receiving the freshest beef possible. Should the share sales take 90 days or more to accomplish you would have the option to continue or be refunded. You may accelerate the process by encouraging friends, family and neighbors to join in.

A quarter beef will fit snuggly in a chest freezer of 4.5 cu/ft or larger. Use your household freezer for any excess or cuts you wish to cook.

Think you need less? Share with a friend, neighbor or relative.

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    Porter~Ofannin Farm

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    grassfed chemical free beef


   Ladonia, Texas


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when buying our beef

  1. 1.determine product choices

  2. 2.value vs cost

  3. quality concerns

  4. 4.chemical avoidance

  5. government interference

  6. 6.peace of mind

  7. 7.educational opportunities     


  9. Live weight sales only

  10. 1.All sales credit/debit only

  11. 2.PayPal system security

  12. 3.deposit/full pay required