The gentleman in the photograph is a friend of ours, a fine

                       boot maker and, teller of tall and short tales.

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third monday this week!

The Porters live on a little slice of heaven in beautiful northeast Texas named Ladonia. It sure is a quiet and peaceful place that we enjoy every day. We share this slice of heaven with cats, dogs, horses, burros and cattle. We will be adding chickens, ducks, fish and a peacock or two. The good lord has seen fit to bless us with raccoon, armadillo, birds galore, butterfly, dragonfly, fireflies and various field critters. The weather is never boring and never the same for very long, which helps keep it interesting.

We moved here a few years ago from the very warm climes of Mesa, Arizona. Over the years we have been involved in a variety of interests and
employment. Collectively we have worked in retailing agriculture, construction, transportation, service industry and crafts. We have been employed by others and self employed. We enjoy theater, good food, dining at home or on the town, classic cars, travel, especially by train, working with animals but, most of all we enjoy each other. We live a simple country life and wouldn’t change it for the pressures of the city life.
We do enjoy the “big city” pleasures fine dining, theater, museums and other amusements. Those things are not always available in the country but we manage to find satisfactory pleasure in what is available. Texas A&M in nearby Commerce is the impetus for many of those activities found in  this area. A new restaurant, community theater or other entertainment or diversion comes to the area regularly. The metroplex is not far away so we can do the “city” stuff when the mood strikes us.

Kathy is an original “Zonie”. She and her family lived in the same area most of her life. In recent years the cotton fields and hay fields gave way to tiled roof tops and paved lots. A suitable place to move to was a long time coming. Though Arizona was the first choice, family and all, she located the area we now live in after a lengthy search. She misses her family, especially the best friend she talks nearly every day, her mother, but she does not regret the move.       


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