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We provide the very best protein source for the money. We do not use chemicals, hormones or inoculations to speed and enhance growth. We raise what we breed and manage our pastures to provide stress free, tender and tasty beef, for your family.


Let’s seriously consider reasons to purchase from our farm. First and foremost is that the property and process will stand scrutiny. Unlike food imported from other places it’s possible to assure the growing means. The ability to verify that no chemicals are used on the property, around vegetables or in the animals provides reason number two, peace of mind. The third reason is that there is an eco-consideration, in knowing that the product is being locally grown...naturally. The educational opportunity is the fourth consideration in the list by learning or teaching the benefits of good food and farming. Spend time at the Ofannin Ranch House to see first hand what life on the farm is like. Harvest days and Fall gatherings are great “open house” occasions to share with your family.

The one thing that is probably not a consideration is price. While every effort is made to make the enterprise a cost effective entity, the product, is not necessarily cheeper, just far better!


when buying our beef

* determine product choices

* value vs cost

* food quality concerns

* chemical avoidance

* no government interference

* peace of mind

* educational opportunities

quick info

business model              

consumer direct sales

beef share/whole unit sales

produce sales


  1. 1.All sales credit/debit only

  2. 2.PayPal system security

  3. 3.deposit/full pay required

Current Options

We make it easy for you to decide and plan your purchases.

First, you select the quantity of beef that will serve your needs best. Remember, we vacuum seal and flash freeze your order to extend “shelf life” before you prepare your meals. The options we have found to be most popular are; One eighth (50-60 lb.) one quarter (100-120 lb.) and full side (200-230 lb.). Weight is variable depending on the critter and the processing.

Secondly, you can choose your buying method. You may prefer a down payment to secure your purchase with a follow up billing, at the time of processing, to pay the balance. Through our purchase programs in conjunction with PayPal you may extend your payments, interest free, for six (6) months or pay in full. In either case you receive your meat as soon as it is ready to ship.

An attractive alternative is to join the buyers club. You choose the size of the order and agree to make payments until the order is payed for. This is similar to a lay-away. Once your club is paid in full, we will include your choice with the next animal to be processed, insuring only fresh meat is delivered. This is a great way to plan your future needs while making it easy on your budget.